My Adventure In Manila Trying To Save A Cat

Yesterday, on 15 September 2018, in the afternoon, I was doing my daily run (this was my 8th day in the Philippines) and I was running across a bridge over a major river near my apartment towards Makati, a more urbanized part of Manila.
After crossing the bridge, I ran past a bunch of restaurants and stores. Then, as I was running near a McDonald’s and a Jollibee (one of the Philippines’ top fast food restaurants), I was shocked to see a cat literally crawling across a major street. I really wanted to help it so ran into the street to see what I could do. A deaf/mute man saw the cat as well after I ran into the street, and he followed me into the street and picked up the cat. We put the cat on the side of the road close to where he was sitting before.
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Where To Find Larger Sneakers In Hong Kong

Finding larger sized shoes in Hong Kong can be difficult. While there are places, like in Mongkok, Hong Kong, where you can buy all kinds of shoes, finding bigger sized shoes can be difficult. This article will discuss a great place in Hong Kong you can go to for buying larger sneakers in Hong Kong. Continue reading “Where To Find Larger Sneakers In Hong Kong”