How to get to Jade Market In Hong Kong By MTR

This article will discuss step-by-step how to get to the Jade Market In Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong by MTR.

Step 1. Go To Yau Ma Tei MTR station

Yau Ma Tei is on the red line, in between the Jordan and Mong Kok stations.

Step 2. Take exit C, immediately turn right, and walk straight straight along Nathan road

Walking out of exit C, it will look like the following
yau ma tei mtr exit c
Turn right immediately out of station, and it will look like this.
yau ma tei mtr exit c turn right
Keep walking straight. You will cross a road called. The next road should be called Public Square Street. There is actually a park on Public Square Street.

Step 3: Turn right on Public Square Street

public square street yau ma tei
This will be a short walk. Keep walking along Public Square Street until you see Shanghai Street.  Shanghai street will be the first street intersecting Public Square street.
public street and shanghai street intersection
public street and shanghai street intersection

Step 4. Turn left on Shanghai Street And Walk Straight For Some Time

You will be walking for a little bit now. You will pass Tin Hau Temple on your left and later pass Yau Ma Tei Public Library on your left.
tin hau temple yau ma tei
Soon after you pass the Yau Ma Tei Public library also on your left.
yau ma tei public library

Soon after passing the library, you should see an intersecting road. It is called Kansu street. You will turn right onto Kansu Street.
shanghai street and kansu street intersection

kansu street

Step 6. Turn Right on Kansu Street And Continue Along the road Until you see the Jade Market

Once you are on Kansu Street, you are only moments from the Jade Market. It probably will be a less than 5 minute walk to the Jade market after you turn right onto Kansu Street.
The Jade Market will be on your right hand side.
jade market kansu street
The Jade Market is actually in 2 different buildings, but they are both right next to each other.
jade market hong kong
Battery street is the street that separated the two sections of Jade market.
Below you can watch a video I made about how to get from Yau Ma Tei MTR station to the Jade Market.

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  1. wow! You shared a clear way step by step to reach Jade market and this article will help to visitors to go right time.

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