How To Get To Mongkok Computer Centre By MTR

Getting to the world famous Mongkok Computer Centre by MTR is very easy. This article will describe how to do just that.

Step 1. Get Off At Mongkok MTR Station

The Mongkok MTR station is on the red line in Kowloon. It is only a few stations away from Hong Kong Island. You can look at this map to see where it is on the red line.

Step 2. Leave from exit E2

There are signs all over the place inside the MTR for exits. Just make sure you look for exit E. Exit E will then break up into exits E1 and E2. Make sure to get out of exit E2.
Mongkok MTR exit E2 Sign

Step 3. Walk straight out of Exit E2

Once you leave exit E2, just keep going straight. It will look like this immediately coming out of the station. It should take you around 5 minutes to walk from the MTR to the Mongkok Computer Centre.
Mongkok MTR exit e2 outside

Step 4. Cross the nearest road and keep walking straight

road you need to cross
You will just keep walking straight out of exit E2, and then will need to cross the road

Step 5. Continue walking straight and the Mongkok Computer Centre Will Be on Your Right Hand Side

Once you cross the road, you are almost at the Mongkok Computer Centre. It is a very quick walk, and soon you will see the Mongkok Computer Centre on your right hand side. It is big and you can’t miss it. It will look like below.
mongkok computer center outside

Below, you can see a video of going to the Mongkok Computer Centre from the MTR below.

How To Get To Mongkok Computer Centre

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