Where To Find Larger Sneakers In Hong Kong

Finding larger sized shoes in Hong Kong can be difficult. While there are places, like in Mongkok, Hong Kong, where you can buy all kinds of shoes, finding bigger sized shoes can be difficult. This article will discuss a great place in Hong Kong you can go to for buying larger sneakers in Hong Kong.

A Quick Backstory About My Search For Larger Shoes In Hong Kong

When I first came to Hong Kong a few months ago, my sneakers fell apart soon after. I wanted to replace my shoes quickly, but I couldn’t find any shoe store with my shoe size with a price I was willing to pay. My shoe size is 45 or 46 EU (11.5 or 12 US), which I think is a fairly common shoe size in Western countries. But, in Hong Kong, it is difficult to find shoes in those sizes.
In addition, I have never bought shoes online and prefer to try the shoes on before I buy them, in part because there doesn’t seem to be a universal standard for shoe sizes amongst shoe companies. That is to say, a size 45 (EU) from Nike might fit me well, but a 45 from Puma might not fit me etc.
In Mongkok, also, for larger shoe sizes, the shoe stores that I went to don’t carry half sizes, such as 10.5 or 11.5 (US) Most would either have like 11 or 12, but not 11.5 (US).
I went to shoe street in Mongkok many times, at times visiting over a dozen shoe stores, but never finding my size shoe, type of shoe, or price I was willing to pay.
As a caveat, I was able to find shoes in the Sogo Department store at higher levels in that mall, but the prices are quite expensive, and I simply didn’t want to pay so much.

Decathlon Stores In Hong Kong – A great place to get larger sized shoes in Hong Kong

I have been to a Decathlon store in China before, but before this month, I had never been to one in Hong Kong. In fact, Decathlon only has 2 stores, one on Causeway Bay, and another in Mongkok, and they have only been in Hong Kong very recently.
I went to Decathlon in Causeway Bay after my friend recommended it.
decathlon causeway bay hong kong outside
I’m excited to say that I finally found my shoe size in a store in Hong Kong and bought new shoes earlier in the month at Decathlon.
decathlon causeway bay hong kong sign
decathlon causeway bay hong kong inside store
Below are pictures of the type of shoes I bought.
decathlon causeway bay hong kong basic running shoes
decathlon causeway bay hong kong basic running shoes b
I definitely recommend Decathlon. They have great quality sportswear at good prices.

How To Get To The Decathlon Store In Causeway Bay

The Decathlon Is right Next to the Ikea store in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Many people in the area should know the Ikea, so you could just ask where the Ikea is. The Decathalon is one floor above the Ikea.
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2 thoughts on “Where To Find Larger Sneakers In Hong Kong”

  1. Thanks very much for sharing great information
    But still hard to find for me my size is 47 extra wide and my feet are very sensitive only accept high quality material shoes
    For me too hard to find right size

  2. Hey Justin,
    I’m actually traveling to Hong Kong on vacation as I live in South Korea, which isn’t too friendly to big foot sized women. I was hoping to be able to buy running shoes while in Hong Kong, only to find out that Hong Kong has the same problem. So I was wondering as someone with 0 local language ability, should I have a problem in the store? – nervous expat question; I know a lot of places in Korea require a decent grasp of the language to get what you want.
    Thanks for writing the article, it’s was helpful!

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